Dear Dr Sondervan

Rayanah, a 30-year-old mother, had suffered from migraine headaches since the age of 17. They occurred once to twice a month and were so intense that she had to retreat to her bed with a cloth over her eyes, all the lights off, and the blinds drawn. Most of the time, the pain lasted through the day, and I would have nauseous and vomiting, exhausted from the ordeal. I was taking a serious amount of conventional migraine medications but none of the drugs abated to the frequency or the severity of the attacks. At the time of the attack i would also suffer from severe neck and shoulder pain

I was fortunate in making contact with a physician who has an unusual approach to treating chronic pain conditions such as migraines.
After my 1st treatment I started feeling a lot better, the pain of the migraine has decreased and I was not taking that much pain medication. am currently on to my 8th treatment every second week and my migraine is completely gone. I do get the occasional headache, but its manageable.
Whilst under going my neural therapy I also suffered from iron deficiency which was caused by hormonal imbalance, my doctor treating me was excellent and arranged for blood test. These factors all played an important role in me getting so many migraines.
I am truly greatful in finding the cause to all these migraines and to my doctor Sondervan who has done such an excellent job.
I would highly recommend this treatment it has brought so much relief to my life.

Rayanah Patterson,

De namen van de patiŽnten zijn verzonnen maar de ervaringen berusten op de werkelijkheid. 


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