Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or post-traumatic dystrophy

I broke my left wrist in a bicycle accident in 2008. Because I am a musician I was very concerned about whether I would ever be able to play music again. The fracture healed well and I had a good physiotherapist, so I was playing music again better than ever within two months after the cast came off my arm. I was very happy.

Unfortunately, my happiness was short-lived. I started experiencing strange symptoms in my left hand and wrist - pain, stiffness, and a very painful burning sensation. These symptoms spread from my left arm to my right arm, and then to my right leg. These are typical signs of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) or post-traumatic dystrophy. 
Later, my arms became weak and I could not play music anymore. The pain in my right leg was so bad that I could not sleep. I tried many different kinds of medication, acupuncture, massage, physiotherapy, exercises, chiropractic, and electrical stimulation therapy (scrambling). Nothing worked. I was severely depressed. Not only had I lost my ability to play music, I had to live with horrible pain.

While traveling in Germany in the summer of 2015 I saw an article in a German medical journal about neural therapy, which had been invented by a German doctor named Huneke. I had never heard of it before, but it sounded very interesting. When I returned to my home in Amsterdam I did a search on the Internet and found the
Polikliniek Pijn Weg Amstelveen practice of doctor Sondervan-Frank. I began treatment in the fall of 2015. Within a month after I began treatment, the excruciating pain that had plagued me for more than seven years was drastically reduced. A few months later I was completely free from pain most of the time. When the pain returned, it was very reduced and did not last long. 

I continued with the therapy for more than a year and a half, till May 2016, with treatments every two, three or four weeks. I continued with the treatment because I hoped that it would not only cure my pain but also return the strength in my hands so that I could play music again. 

The situation now is that I am totally free from pain nearly all the time, and when I do have pain it is not very intense and it goes away soon. I will probably return for treatment once every three or four months to make sure that I remain free of pain. 
After I tried every imaginable kind of medication and treatment for seven years with no success,

Doctor Sondervan-Frank eliminated my pain.

Amsterdam, Robert Cenas


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